After what appears to be a murder, the first episode flashes back to the past, telling the story of the three main characters, Saba, Balli, and Dheeraj. The prestigious Hamptons, a school known for its snooty upper class kids who drive about in fancy automobiles and will do anything to obtain more followers and likes on their instagram profiles, is where these outsiders must enter.

If you've seen Elite, you'll find that Class and Elite have many similarities. However, if you keep these comparisons at a distance from your experience, you will be rewarded. Class is accomplished writing and excellent casting. These young people, who represent two different high school cultures, appear the part. Ashim Ahluwalia, the showrunner, has expertly modified Elite while maintaining its core elements to suit our current cultural divide.

What makes the show successful are its allusions to popular culture. The writing and language are passionate and punchy. The show looks fantastic in large part thanks to the music and background score. Everything about these youngsters, from their fashion choices to their differences, feels natural and genuine.

If you haven't watched Elite, Class will seem like a shocking first-hand account. On-screen sexual tension is prevalent, and the LGBTQ population is fairly represented. However, Class feels like it could have been released a few years earlier in 2023, when the distinction between reality and fiction is becoming more and more hazy.

Class doesn't let down, so watch it for the performances and a little excitement.

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