Every single thing a celebrity says can spark a debate, and the most recent "Unstoppable" episode of NBK x PSPK, which was aired a few days ago, was no exception. It appears that Nandamuri balakrishna was the target of a dharna organized by the andhra pradesh Nursing Welfare Association.

Balakrishna responded to this today by saying he holds nurses in great regard because he has closely studied their work at his own Basavatarakam cancer Hospital. "I strongly refute the rumours and claims that I have degraded the nursing profession. I have the utmost regard for nurses who monitor patients' welfare day and night. Numerous nurses continued to work around-the-clock throughout the Corona pandemic, putting their own lives in danger to care for the patients. I sincerely apologise if my statements caused them any distress, wrote balayya on his social media profile.

Earlier in the programme, balakrishna claimed that while he was a student at Nizam college and had an accident, he didn't remember anything till he woke up in the hospital. He reportedly thought the nurse caring for him at the time was so attractive and wanted to remain in the hospital for a few more days. The nursing community has been harmed by these remarks on a nurse's beauty.

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