The creators of the upcoming tamil film Dada, which stars Kavin and aparna Das in the key roles, posted the movie's trailer online on Sunday. On Friday, the movie is scheduled to open in theatres. In the Dada trailer, there are mostly two young adults, and the movie seems to mention an unexpected pregnancy. The father-son bond and how the younger generation handles issues are set to be topics of the movie.

Along with the main characters, Dada also stars a number of well-known actors, such as Bhagyaraj, aishwarya Baskaran, VTV Ganesh, pradeep Antony, Harish K, and Fouziee. The film, directed by Ganesh K. Babu, is supported by S. Ambeth Kumar and distributed by Olympia Movies. Jen Martin wrote the soundtrack for Dada, and Ezhil Arasu K handled the filming for it. Kathiresh Alagesan edited the movie.

The movie is marketed as a family entertainment and will centre on a couple (Kavin and aparna in the lead roles) who become pregnant and the drama that follows. red Giant Movies will feature Censored U, Dada. The film will be released on october 10th with Kasethan Kadvulada, and we are hopeful that the pongal releases will have finished their full runs and will provide enough screens for our film.

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