Anushka Sharma visited Mahakal with virat kohli and was seen sitting at the door of the temple wearing a saree

A video has surfaced of Virat Kohli- anushka sharma from the Mahakaleshwar temple, in which both are seen engrossed in worship

Bollywood actress anushka sharma is seen spending family time with her husband virat kohli these days. Meanwhile, anushka and Virat have reached ujjain to visit Mahakal. A video of virat kohli and anushka has surfaced from here, in which both are seen praying in the Mahakaleshwar Temple. During the Mahakal Darshan, anushka and Virat are seen in a traditional look engrossed in devotion and both are seen meditating sitting at the door of the temple like a common couple.

A video of anushka sharma and virat kohli is going viral in which both are seen worshiping in the Mahakaleshwar temple. During this, Virat is wearing a dhoti of yellow color and a towel of the same color is wrapped around his body, sitting with folded hands, Virat is wearing a rosary of Rudraksha around his neck. Whereas, anushka is wearing a pink saree. anushka and Virat are sitting together at the door of the temple and both are seen engrossed in worship. See here this video of Virat-Anushka going viral-

It is being told in the media reports that after seeing the Mahakal Jyotirlinga, Virat-Anushka also took part in Bhasma Aarti, and apart from this, both were involved in worshiping the temple along with other works. Both of them went to the sanctum sanctorum of the temple and also performed Panchamrit Pujan Abhishek. After leaving the temple, anushka also spoke to the media standing outside.

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