Actor Manchu Manoj, the younger son of famous actor Manchu Mohan Babu, has married Bhuma mounika Reddy, the sister of former andhra pradesh minister Bhuma Akhila Priya, to start his second act in life. Everything went smoothly because both of them had the approval of their respective families. Before being married, the couple visited tirumala to see Lord Venkateshwara.

All is well thus far. Nonetheless, mounika is interested in politics. As a member of the prominent political Bhuma family, which included the late bhuma nagi reddy and Shobha Nagi Reddy, from allagadda in the Nandyal district, mounika had supported her sister Akhila during the most recent elections as she ran on the platform of the telugu Desam Party. It is known that mounika told Manoj before the wedding that she would be involved in politics and, if given the chance, would run in the upcoming assembly elections from one of the Nandyal district's constituencies.

While mounika is rumoured to be interested in the Nandyal assembly constituency, Akhila is eager to try her luck from Allagadda. The ysr congress party currently speaks for both constituencies. Regarding Mounika's political aspirations, Manoj declared that he would back her in whatever course of action she chose. He emphasised, however, that he was only interested in serving people in a different way and had no interest in politics. "I would always be behind mounika if she decides to get involved in politics. I'll support her in achieving her goals, he declared.

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