Gopireddy srinivas Reddy, a narasaraopet Legislator and member of the governing YSRCP, is a key target for Nandamuri Balakrishna. According to reports, ycp party member bhaskar Reddy has been troubled by Legislator srinivas Reddy for playing a balakrishna movie song. bhaskar Reddy attempted suicide in front of Legislator srinivas Reddy's home after being hurt by the MLA's insult. When balakrishna learned about the entire episode, he became grave.

Balakrishna responded to the incident by saying that he doesn't want to use the person's name because he has diminished in status. Why paint political pictures to music from a movie, he questioned. He said that it is incorrect and that there must to be a definite line drawn between art and politics. Yadha Raja, Tadha Praja, balayya stated, alluding subtly to cm Jagan.

If similar instances continue and come to Balayya's attention, he vowed to spare no one. If he opens his third eye, the results won't be the same, according to Balayya. He stated that his supporters wouldn't spare any at the touch of a finger. Although balayya was speaking angrily, his supporters applauded and clapped.

Speaking of Legislator srinivas Reddy, balayya remarked on his excellent level of education and urged him to serve the community. According to balayya, people watch a movie if it's good. He claimed that if a movie is awful, nobody would watch it. He continued by saying that viewers of all ages and professions enjoy famous NTR's films because they are timeless.

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