There are some excellent films that had widespread appeal in india but struggled to find success in other languages as a result of inadequate advertising. Actors and filmmakers typically limit their promotional activities in other languages to just two or three occasions. That approach won't be successful in drawing in both audiences who speak other southern languages and those from the north.

But, nani and his producers are using the proper approach to advertise dasara across all of India. He allotted about a month for simple movie promotion. The film's extravagantly funded producer, sudhakar Cherukuri, is not skimping on publicity either. In Lucknow, the dasara trailer was unveiled. For the past ten days, nani has been travelling around the nation and meeting with the local media. That doesn't imply that he is disregarding his own ground.

The trailer for dasara was released in Hyderabad, and nani has already given numerous interviews to websites and FM stations. He will also appear in a variety of tv shows that will be broadcast around Ugadi. Also, a significant pre-release event is scheduled here. This is unquestionably a great marketing plan for a pan-Indian film, and both nani and producer sudhakar Cherukuri deserve praise for it. What say you?

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