With Pathaan, bollywood has finally created a box office smash. The Shah Rukh Khan-starring movie is a massive box office hit and the highest-grossing movie in the Hindi-speaking region. The monster of the movie office is currently en route to its OTT debuts, according to the most recent information. According to the most recent sources, amazon Prime Video will start streaming Pathaan on march 22. The movie opened in theatres on january 25 and is now almost two months later on track for its OTT release.

SRK, deepika Padukone, and other actors play the key characters in the action thriller. Although the reviews and judgement were only fair, the movie caused mayhem at the box office and heralded SRK's triumphant homecoming. The movie is the largest box office hit in hindi cinema history and was directed by siddharth Anand. Will Pathaan achieve the same kind of success on online video as it did in theatres? We'll watch and wait.

There are also talks that amazon might release deleted scenes along with the OTT release. Already, amazon Prime released Deleted scenes of Vijay's Varisu on YouTube channel and as usual Vijay became a troll material for calling 'Maamey' in those scenes.

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