Dhanush was like that while studying in school.?

Baba bhaskar, who is being aired as a judge on a popular private tv show where husband and wife participate in a dance show, has shared about his school days. In this program which is being aired on Zee tamil tv, the school round is happening this week. All the contestants are said to be dressed as schoolboys and share their school days. Sangeeta, one of the judges, shared about her school days. She said that she studied in the same school from 1st to 12th standard and it was a very strict school. She has always been a top student in her studies. She said that she has also been a school people leader. Following her, another judge, baba bhaskar, shared his school days in a very comical manner. His favorite school days are sports day and annual day. He will excel in everything except studies. While studying in school, he was the captain in everything be it Koko, cricket, dance, or kabaddi. He was kept in school only because he performed well in sports. Also, the main reason he passed was actor Dhanush. Both are in the same class. He is a top student in his studies. He passed by seeing him and drinking coffee. So if the exam is coming up, he will take care of him by buying Fanta, egg puffs, etc. rather than him. baba bhaskar spoke warmly as Dhanush, who keeps him alive not only in school but as a friend.

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