One of those incredibly brave people who has never shied away from speaking out for women's rights is singer chinmayi Sripada. She was praised for having the courage to denounce poet Vairamuthu, who she said had abused her sexually. She recently voiced her views on a subject that is taboo to most people. The subject is how some insecure guys still compliment women for being virgins. chinmayi responded to this problem by posting a video on Instagram.

According to chinmayi, these ladies who are hailed as virgins because they bled during their first sexual encounter must be dealing with serious health issues. She stated that these women should seek medical attention right away rather than be praised and congratulated by some patriarchal guys. She also said that women shouldn't be afraid to discuss these topics in public. This might provide them with a wide range of options.

In addition, chinmayi said that if a woman is bleeding during her first sexual encounter, she is not sufficiently lubricated. In light of this, it might be said that these ladies are not ready for sex and that they ought to get treatment and medical assistance. She asserts that pornographic movies should not be used as a source of information on sex because they are based on false assumptions. If not understood, the differences between the sexual activity depicted in adult films and reality can lead to a variety of issues for relationships. Porn addiction is a serious problem that necessitates a psychiatric intervention for effective therapy, according to Chinmayi.

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