These days, shahid kapoor is appreciating the praise for his Prime Video-streaming web series Farzi. We discuss a noteworthy event from his prior life in this essay. There have been several instances where admiring fans have gone above and beyond the call of duty. shahid is a celebrity with a sizable female fan base. In one such instance, a female fan named Vastavika Pandit—who later revealed herself to be the offspring of renowned bollywood actor Raaj Kumar—started stalking him.

Vastavika began referring to herself as Shahid's wife since she was so enamoured with him. When she first saw shahid at Shiamak Davar's dance lessons, she immediately fell in love with him. Vastavikta stalked shahid while he was filming because he was uninterested. She once perched on the top of his car's bonnet and blocked him from shooting outside on a nice day. Even when she moved in next door, she identified herself as shahid Kapoor's wife.

Shahid subsequently filed a FIR, alleging that Vastavikta had been following him while he was filming and travelling. Vastavikta simply left after filing the complaint out of fear of being sued. With the disclosure of these data on his instagram by Bollywood's well-known paparazzi Viral Bhayani, this intriguing case has once again gained attention.

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