With her most recent engagement, priyanka chopra has swept the internet. On the Armchair Expert podcast, the international star made significant disclosures. PeeCee, at last, disclosed why she left bollywood and relocated to the West to pursue a job in Hollywood. In addition, the actress recognized the failure of hindi film industry productions. Nevertheless, priyanka brought up favoritism in her remarks. Speaking of the same, she stated that after their films fail, outsiders must hustle.

I was scared when those six movies didn't do well because I'm not a nepo baby, priyanka chopra admitted on the show. I lacked the strong backing that is prevalent in bollywood blockbusters. She continued, "You know they are multi-generational actors that come in and get multiple chances compared to the ones that come in from the outside. You don't just have your relative make you a movie because your last one bombed, am I correct? In order to obtain it, you must work hard.

The actor for Citadel explained her decision to leave bollywood during the same conversation. "In the business, I was being forced into a corner." (Bollywood). people weren't casting me, I had conflicts with people, and since I'm not very good at the game, I kind of got sick of politics and declared that I needed a vacation. This music situation allowed me to travel to different parts of the world without feeling the need to buy movies I didn't want to, but it did mean that I had to mingle with certain clubs and cliques of people, she continued.

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