As we've already stated, natural star Nani's upcoming feature, "Dasara," will be the biggest of his career. Given the level of craze the film has, it is likely to earn a fortune at the box office on its first day. With her incredible performance tribute, lakshmi manchu now enters the scene and raises the energy even higher.

Santosh Narayan apparently created a masterpiece with the song Chamkeela Angilesi from the dasara movie, and his daughter Dhee performed it beautifully. lakshmi manchu has donned a pink saree to pay tribute to the performance, which quickly rose to the top of the YouTube charts. She did well, but the big twist is that her daughter entered the video as well. We must admit that she has too much adorable comedic timing when she dances.

This dance treat from lakshmi Manchu, which was released before the movie, is currently captivating not only Nani's followers but also other moviegoers. The actor sent her best wishes to the entire cast, including nani, Keerthy Suresh, and others. In order to entertain the public, natural star nani created the film Dasara. The excitement surrounding this pan-Indian film is strong in the Telugu-speaking states and moderate in other languages. The telugu version has received great advance reservations.

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