Dasara, a wild pan-Indian thriller starring nani, debuts in theatres yesterday. For nani, who went all-out to market the film, it has been a hectic one-month promotional journey. Dasara's debut performances in the USA were met with universal acclaim. The movie has excellent premiere performance collections. dasara became Nani's highest-earning premiere program after collecting 500K and counting. If the reaction is any indication, the film will debut on both American and indian records.

The movie will hit the $1 million milestone very quickly. The best opening movie for nani in the domestic market is anticipated to be Dasara. dasara made a total of Rs 17 crore (net) on its opening day across all languages, according to the movie trade monitoring website Sacnilk. The tracking website also stated that on march 30, dasara had a 66.32 percent total telugu occupancy.

The occupancy rate for the hindi version was 8.43% at night, but it was low at first, at only 6.81% for the morning performances. In a similar vein, the tamil version of the movie had a midday show occupancy of 22.88% and a night show occupancy of 18.97%. The rampage begins at the Box Office!

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