It's touching to witness meena being honoured for her incredible 40-year career in the film industry. She has a distinguished acting, dubbing, and playback singing career and has collaborated with eminent performers in the Southern film industry. Nainika, her young acting debutante daughter, praised her mother's accomplishments and showed her pride and affection for her. On social media, the video that allegedly moved Rajinikanth to tears is currently trending.

Many people, including actor Rajinikanth, were moved by Nainika's moving address at the ceremony, in which she shared personal memories about her mother's love and care and asked for an end to gossip about her mother. meena has been a devoted mother to Nainika, and her daughter's remarks reveal their close relationship.

Many influential members of the industry, including Rajinikanth, Raadhika Sarathkumar, Khushboo, Sneha, and others, attended the event, demonstrating their respect and affection for meena over the years. meena married Vidyasagar, a Bengaluru-based software engineer, in the year 2009. He passed away on june 28, 2022 as a result of lung failure. Several media reported unethically on Meena's personal life and it affected her personally so much and it was obvious when she broke up on the stage as well.

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