The collaboration between Akkineni naga chaitanya and director parasuram, known for films like geetha govindam and Sarkaru Vaari Pata, was recognized officially about a year ago but never materialized despite several claims and rumors. Some sources said that the actor left because of problems with the script, while others made hints as to his discontent. In an exclusive interview, the director, who apparently avoided making big changes to the script, revealed naga Chaitanya's position.

Recently, on May 5, the trailer for naga Chaitanya's forthcoming movie Custody was revealed. Both fans and critics appreciated it for its remarkable production value and intensity. The actor was asked what the problems with Parusuram have been during a recent interview to promote the film. Speaking openly, the hero responded, "Discussing this subject is pointless. There is nothing to explain—no special reason, simply lost effort. Then, he asked nicely to move on to another question because he thought everything had been stated on the subject.

There seems to have been a problem with the director for naga Chaitanya. He was frustrated when his efforts went unappreciated after waiting a long time to get the script and start working. Later, parasuram left Chay behind and went to Mahesh Babu. Although reasonable, this response can have an impact on his future possibilities; other heroes might be hesitant to approach him or offer him screenplays for their films as a result of his outburst.

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