Vijay is going to take the death Defeat...!?

At one point Vijay used to do only one film a year. He has now converted it into two. He is acting in Leo movie which is directed by Lokesh. He will next be seen in Thalapathy 68 directed by venkat Prabhu. In this case, currently, Vijay is being paid 200 crores per film. In that way, he gets a salary of up to 400 crores per year if two films. But now he is going to leave the cinema altogether to join politics.
Many people say that this is a false account given by Vijay. Because leaving 400 crores and entering politics completely is a big mistake. Apart from that, there is also an incident where a famous actor went into politics and disappeared. First, Vijayakanth entered politics and lost. Next, global hero Kamal Haasan started a party called People's Makkal Maiam. In his mind, he had the idea that he was the next chief minister. But eventually, Kamal understood that politics is different.

As a result, cinema is the set for us and he started acting in films again. Accordingly, the film vikram gave him a blockbuster hit. After this, he is producing films through his Rajkamal company. Vijay has bravely taken this decision when there are actors who are disgusted by the cinema. Many say this will surely backfire on him. Only he knows Vijay's strategy in this. So let's wait and see how he handles politics.

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