Ram Charan in Sharwanand's Haldi ceremony..!

Tollywood young hero sharwanand became a married son. His wedding buzz has started. The wedding will take place tonight i.e. june 3rd at 11 pm. But already all the relatives including the bride and groom have reached Jaipur. The Haldi Mehndi ceremony is already completed. It seems that the Sangeet ceremony has also been completed recently. Recently, a video related to the Haldi ceremony has gone viral and a video related to Sangeet has also gone viral. sharwanand rocks in this music video. Sharva was the only one among the girls around. Sharva Nand danced to Chiranjeevi's Poonakalu loading song.

Global star ram charan also attended this Sangeet ceremony. It is remarkable that ram charan made a noise while talking to everyone there. Along with Charan, many other famous celebrities also went to this wedding. Sharva also made a noise during the Haldi ceremony. In it, sharwanand is wearing a white kurta. His whole face is yellow. Then came Sharva's turn. Then one by one he put them all in the swimming pool. After that, his cousins pushed him into the swimming pool. Their marriage is going on for two days. Many movie celebrities and politicians will attend their wedding.

It is reported that sharwanand The love Come Arranged Marriage. Rakshitha reddy is a techie from America. She belongs to a a big political family in AP. The bride's father, madhusudhan Reddy, is a lawyer in the andhra pradesh High Court.

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