The largest holiday season in tollywood is sankranti, when a variety of movies—from regional productions to pan-Indian endeavors—plan to hit theatres. A thrilling lineup of 4-5 blockbuster films is anticipated to be released during the pongal season the following year, 2024. The elections might, however, possibly happen at the same time. The tollywood box office may be affected.

'Project K,' directed by nag ashwin and starring Young rebel star Prabhas, is one of the most eagerly awaited films. This science fiction film has received a lot of attention. The movie won't be released till Sankranthi. The action comedy "Guntur Kaaram," starring superstar mahesh babu and Trivikram, is scheduled to hit theatres on january 13th, according to the film's producers.

'Ustaad Bhagat Singh' by pawan kalyan and 'Indian 2' by Shankar, a pan-Indian production starring Kamal Hasan, are both slated for release around the same period. Additionally, there is a good likelihood that "Pushpa 2" may hit theatres around the holiday season. election season would still be in effect even if it was released in December.

With this roster, it's conceivable that three or four films may clash during the sankranti season. During the holiday season, audiences express tremendous interest in seeing these expensive flicks. It is important to remember that the telangana polls are also set to take place in january, with preparations having already begun by the electoral commission. There is a good chance that polls in andhra pradesh may also take place ahead of schedule.

Election results might have a significant effect on the movie business if this happens. The telugu states find politics and cinema to be very interesting subjects, but with election fervour raging during the sankranti season, films may encounter difficulties. The impact of the elections on the thrilling sankranti season is yet to be determined.

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