Gold Recycling.. Whopping India!

India is the 4th largest recycler of gold internationally. gold is one of the most sought-after commodities in India. One party may think that owning gold is an honor. On the other hand, it is a great investment tool. As the price of gold is rising day by day, buying gold now will make it more profitable in the future. india is just raised its bars to the next level. Gold!! Gold!!

India is an international leader in gold imports. Most gold is used for jewelry. india is also a major player in gold refining and recycling. The World gold Council has issued a statement in this regard. china tops the World gold Council's list of gold refining and recycling. china will recycle a total of 168 tonnes of gold by 2021. italy is in second place. The country has recycled a total of 80 tonnes of gold.

India ranks fourth in this list. india has recycled a whopping 75 tonnes of gold by 2021. In terms of refining, india has refined a total of 1,500 tonnes of gold by 2021. In 2013, the volume was only 300 tonnes.

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