LPG Cylinder Price - india To Cut Gas Prices From april 1...

On the first date of april, there has been a drastic cut in gas prices. There has been a cut in the prices of gas in different cities, but this cut has been around Rs 92. However, this reduction in gas prices has come only for Commercial LPG Gas cylinders. The prices of gas for domestic gas connections are the same and the general public has not got any relief from this.

According to the report, the price of the commercial gas cylinder has come down by Rs 91.50. It has been increased by Rs 350 only last month. The new prices have been implemented from 1 april 2023 itself. Due to the price of only commercial cylinders, customers using 14.2 kg cylinders in homes will not get any benefit from this reduction and they will have to buy gas at the old rate only.

Where and how many commercial cylinders will be available?

According to the new rate, a 19 kg cylinder of Indane gas will be available for Rs 2028 in delhi, Rs 2132 in Kolkata, Rs 1980 in mumbai and Rs 2192 in Chennai. On april 1 last year, the price of this cylinder in delhi was Rs 2253, which means its price has come down by Rs 225 in a year. Last month, its prices were increased by Rs 350.

Hotels and restaurants are the primary uses of commercial LPG gas. Their cylinder is a sizable dimension as well. A domestic gas cylinder holds 14.2 kg of gas, while an industrial gas cylinder holds 19 kg of LPG gas.

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