Due to its lighter tone, the first half gives a passable impression. The second half does a complete 180-degree turn and becomes much more serious. If you want to take the matter seriously, it's fine. Many successful films followed suit and triumphed. sekhar Kammula, on the other hand, fails to provide a novel perspective on the critical topic he chooses to discuss.

It's another matter that the subject isn't really novel. The second half is tedious due to a lack of originality and a totally serious tone with poor writing. The gripping drama is absent. More scenes like the one in the cemetery near the end of love story were needed. Easwari Rao is as dependable as ever, and she fulfills her role as the hero's mother. rajeev Kanakala is a pleasant surprise in a role that one would expect him to despise.


Uttej is always a welcome sight on television, especially when he has a substantial role to play. In the few times he gets to act, sai chand impresses. Last but not least, devayani is given some screen time near the finale. The rest of the cast has very little screen time and fails to impress and definitely this movie is not up to sekhar Kammula's potential.

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