It is known that Pan india star prabhas and kgf fame prashant Neil is coming up with a Salar movie in combination. The expectations of the fans of this movie are increasing day by day. The film that prabhas is making has such huge expectations. Moreover, kgf director prashant Neil, who is given the best film of his career for hero Yash, is directing the film, which is creating more hype on the film. prabhas fans have been waiting for this movie for many days.

However, The news is coming about this movie is hollywood technology is being used for this movie. With this, movies that use hollywood technology are a bit better than all the movies. Apart from that, high-end hollywood technology that has never been used in india so far is being used for this film. Salar is using the same technology used in hollywood movies like The Matrix and Batman. If this news is true then it is a new era for indian cinema lovers.

Meanwhile, the Salar film shooting is currently taking place in Mumbai. The film stars young rebel star prabhas and shruti haasan as the heroine. The film is being produced by vijay kiragandur under the banner of Homable  Films. The film is currently being made on a huge budget. However, the film is set to release on april 14 next year in theaters around the world in all languages.

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