Yash gets Double Revenue for KGF2...!?

Yash Remuneration: ‘KGF’ is also a big turning point for Yash, who played the hero in the KGF1 movie.
Once there has been a time when the kannada movie enterprise and industry wasn't observed much through film lovers. Sandalwood only had a local market. But beyond that, a kannada director shot a film with a budget of one hundred crores.

Apart from that, he wanted to release it as Pan India. The whole of Sandalwood was shocked to see this. But the director did what he thought was right. He is prashant Neil.

'KGF' is the sensation he screened. At a time when it was difficult for telugu cinema to collect at least Rs 100 crore, rajamouli changed the range of tollywood with 'Bahubali'.

Apart from that, he shot two parts for the same movie saying that the story is big. This formula has been followed by many directors since then. One of them is Sandalwood director prashant Neil.
One story .. two parts .. budget beyond the market .. prashant Neil introduced the kannada industry across the country with this formula.
However, 'KGF' is also a big turning point for Yash, who played the hero in this movie. The hero who took Rs 15 crore as remuneration for kgf Chapter 1 .. doubled the remuneration for kgf chapter 2 with the success of the film.

Yash's remuneration for kgf chapter 2, which is currently in the post-production stage, is estimated at Rs 30 crore.

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