ketika sharma is a stunning lady who needs no introduction. Her telugu début was in the film 'Romantic,' which starred puri Jagannath's son akash Puri. The film was saved from being a flop by Ketika Sharma's 'Romantic' stances. Her beauty increased the hotness factor in the first film, and she became the talk of the town.

She then starred alongside naga shourya in the film "Lakshya." Despite the fact that it did not do well, she was cast as the heroine in Vaishnav Tej's next film "Ranga Ranga Vaibhavanga." Girishayya, the tamil Arjun reddy (Aditya Varma) filmmaker, directed this film. ketika sharma is well-known for her social media presence. She also continued to provoke in photo shoots, capturing the youth's attention with her attractive appearance. In the photographs, she is quite romantic and her bewitching looks raise the fever.

She never ceases to amaze her fans with breathtaking photoshoots. Recent images have gone viral on social media. She had just slayed youths wearing short pants. ketika sharma, who is quite active on social media, shares personal information, images, and videos relating to the film. ketika sharma is currently starring in the film 'Rangaranga Vaibhavanga,' in which super hero Vaishnav Tej also appears.

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