1. Virata Parvam: This venu Udugula-directed movie attracted initial buzz but had a mixed reception from viewers.

This movie was appealing to serious moviegoers who were drawn to dated plots based on the 1990s naxal movements.

Sai Pallavi's presence increased the film's appeal, and this week it was the top-grossing movie.

This movie has a relatively low weekend pull factor, so it will be interesting to watch how it does during the week.

2. Vikram: Kamal Hasan, Vijay Sethupathi, and Fahad fazil star in the film, which is directed by lokesh Kanagaraj.

This movie's box office earnings have been consistent because of how it was made, which made it appealing to young people. The difference was made by the action scenes and the new-age script.

3. Ante Sundaraniki: The movie's box office performance was negatively impacted by a significant decline in weekday viewings.

Despite being met with some anticipation, the weekend collection fell short of expectations.

The following decline sent shockwaves through Nani's theatrical sector. The movie's female protagonist, Nazriya, was helmed by vivek Atreya.

4. Major: Despite being slowed down, the movie has attracted considerable interest from all demographics.

Adivi Sesh and Saiyee Manjrekar's biographical film on Major Sundeep Unnikrishnan went well in the telugu version and made money.

The movie was directed by Shashi kiran Thikka. With this movie, adivi sesh gained notoriety in the bollywood market.

5. F3: Although this movie's theatrical run is practically over, some theatres are still keeping track of admissions, particularly in rural areas.

This is the final week of its theatrical run, and it will soon be available online.

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