It appears that this week is somewhat different for the telugu film business because no one is shooting and nearly all of the big actors and popular celebrities are staying home to catch up on the marketing for the two films Bimbisara and Sitaramam. The tollywood bandh is also an effort to figure out different strategies to save this sector as people aren't going to the theatres and producers aren't ultimately generating money.

Guess what? tollywood has literally laughed and danced joyfully for the first time in a long time since kalyan Ram's Bimbisara received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike, while Sitaramam saw packed theatres. However, dil raju and company, who also happen to be Active Producers Guild and Film Chamber members, are receiving savage trolling on social media. They contend that these producers ought to exclusively develop films with relevant content, rather than for the sake of romantic interests or hero dates.

Bimbisara and Sitaramam's chemistry has once again demonstrated that either the content must be excellent or the narrative must be incredibly captivating and feature stunning visuals. With several recent movies giving spectators headaches with predictable masala material in his OTT era, tollywood has experienced a shock of life. The top producers could realise what is actually happening to the industry now that these films have succeeded.

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