The rrr crew recently revealed that they had submitted the movie for consideration in a number of different categories for the Oscars 2023. It's somewhat of a major accomplishment because no telugu or indian film has ever been so heavily nominated for an Oscar. rrr is getting a lot of attention and support in Hollywood, so it's definitely worth submitting.

Many fans of telugu movies are wondering why the best telugu actors aren't supporting this submission right now. The crew hasn't received any social media congratulations from the friends of famous people who worked on rrr or other great heroes who collaborated with rajamouli and his affiliates. While some celebrities may have texted or called rajamouli, the public recognition will also provide joy to movie fans.

Of course, even if these famous people endorse rrr, that probably won't impress "The Academy" or persuade its members to nominate RRR; only the quality of the movie will matter. However, donating assistance will give the movie's creators spiritual support, particularly SS rajamouli, who is working alone to promote the movie in the USA. Let's see if the movie makes something out of the box and makes it to the big league.

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