As the title suggests, "Love Today" is about two contemporary lovers. The two lovers talk on their phones and create insta Reels on them. mobile phones are more akin to a private journal where they keep all of their secrets. Naturally, when they are required to switch phones for a day, issues start to arise. pradeep Ranganathan, a tamil director, came up with a wonderful concept integrating social media apps and mobile devices.

You might be curious as to what issues this phone transaction would bring about. It does. Without telling her current partner, the heroine takes a nighttime journey with her former. The hero speaks politely to telemarketing ladies and sends instagram messages to women. These are only a few of the countless secrets that their phones have exposed.

The movie is chock full of amusing moments that are universally applicable today. The protagonist is still in contact with her ex-boyfriend, and one of her pals proposed to her over mobile chatting, the director first explains. In the second half, the director reveals the hero's dark truths. At some time, both of these threads are combined. There are several story twists that keep us interested and entertained. The movie has already broken several records as it has overtook acharya and Ghost in Box Office.

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