The success of his most recent film, Major, at the Pan india level made adivi sesh one of the most bankable performers in telugu right now. Many people are curious about how much money Sesh's next film HIT2 needs to make back from its theatrical run in order to be a reliable investment for consumers. The movie is already a HIT material and is safe for everyone involved in this venture.

Just 10 crores are required for HIT2 to break even in ap and TS, while close to 14.5 crores worldwide are required for investors to feel secure investing in the film. If we take a few things into account, the breakeven point is fairly little. Within three days of its theatrical debut, the film is anticipated to break even.

Adivi Sesh is in great form with a string of successes, and there is a focus on the movies on HITverse. Additionally, the team received a lot of positive feedback from the movie's theatrical trailer. Another plus is that nani is supporting the venture. Therefore, HIT2 is undoubtedly a wise investment for all buyers. The producers also struck it rich since non-theatrical rights brought them a sizable sum of money.

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