A portion of the film industry is working against SS Rajamouli's efforts to support rrr at the Oscars due to some hidden purpose. rajamouli is being minimised by the way they make fun of his need for the Oscars. adivi sesh was recently asked by the interviewer, while promoting his movie HIT 2, "Should rajamouli give so much importance to the Oscars?"

We must give the Oscars our full attention, adivi sesh responded in the ideal way. Not just about winning, either. It's about obtaining exposure for the movie and spreading knowledge of it. The world will learn about our indian film if it is nominated and receives the most exposure possible thanks to RRR. rajamouli is aware that winning the Oscars or even just being nominated is a major deal.

He is not running this campaign merely to acquire recognition abroad. rajamouli will undoubtedly benefit from RRR's success at the Oscars, and he may work with the biggest studios in the world. Additionally, it will boost the reputation of indian cinema. On the other hand, Sesh's HIT 2 movie is getting a good response from critics and movie buffs and is expected to do good at Box Office.

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