Bollywood media is frantically attempting to cast doubt on RRR's achievement. They are attempting to ridicule SS rajamouli for declaring that rrr is a telugu film rather than a bollywood one, apparently motivated by some sort of motive. According to the bollywood media, the rrr team attempted to capitalise on the popularity of bollywood stars like ajay devgn and alia bhatt during pre-release events in order to appeal to the core hindi audience. However, following the film's success, the producers are now attempting to position it solely as a telugu production.

Bollywood media should understand that rajamouli would have cast a bollywood star in Baahubali 2 itself if he intended to capitalise on the mania of bollywood stars in the hindi belts. However, he was certain of the film's message, which was instantly appealing to every audience in the nation. ajay devgn and alia bhatt barely participated in the promotions for RRR.

Except for a few significant occasions, rajamouli, NTR, and ram charan were responsible for the movie's promotion in the Northern regions. telugu movie rrr was created for audiences all around India. It's a movie that's garnering the highest praise everywhere, which should fill us with pride. It would be great if individuals stopped excluding moviegoers based on their language or geography.

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