During the Veera simha Reddy victory event, it is well known that tollywood star and tdp MLA Nandamuri balakrishna recently uttered the slur "Akkineni-Tokkineni." ANR's grandsons Nagachaitanya and akhil took to social media to express their vehement displeasure of the comment, which has outraged the Akkineni family and supporters. balakrishna is currently preoccupied on his tour of Hindupur. balakrishna stood by his comments and added another contentious remark when the media pressed him to address the ire of Akkineni devotees over this.

He said that his remarks were meant to express admiration rather than cause offence. He also asserted that ANR had shown him greater love because he had discovered true love only in him and not in his own children. He confirmed that there was no love for ANR among the Akkineni family. I don't care if you stir up controversy by using my statements out of context, balakrishna declared in his own words. I was speaking admiringly. Due to fan adoration, ntr and ANR are also known by various names; this is not intended to be derogatory.

Many claim that ntr didn't experience love from his children during his latter years. balakrishna is presumably casting the Akkineni family in a similar light. With this, everyone can see how phoney and cunning balakrishna is.

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