Kangana Ranaut has subtly poked fun at Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan for portraying pakistan, India's "enemy nation," and its spy organisation ISI in a favourable light. A day prior, at the wrap-up celebration for her upcoming movie Emergency, kangana had lauded Pathaan.

"All those who are stating Pathaan is the triumph of love over hatred, I agree, but whose love over whose hate?" kangana questioned in her essay. To be more specific, whose purchasing tickets and ensuring its success? Yes, it is India's tolerance and inclusivity, where 80% of the population is Hindu, that makes it Mahan, but despite this, a movie called Pathaan, which favourably portrays our adversary pakistan and the ISI, is still doing well. love for india has defeated enemies' petty politics and hatred. All those with high hopes, please take note... Film Pathaan Sirf hey sakti ho... jai Shri Ram... jai Shri ram goonjega toh yahan sirf." (sic)

Kangana earlier expressed her desire for Pathaan, which also stars deepika padukone and john Abraham, to "absolutely work" in an interview with the media alongside her Emergency co-stars anupam kher and Satish Kaushik. Earlier she praised the movie and now she speaks like this too!

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