When we travelled to california for the Golden Globe Awards, a journalist told me that we started a trend of people dancing in theatres. ram charan mentioned this during the success meet of Waltair Veerayya. They will be shocked to see the enormous crowd and the applause in this place. I should first thank the blockbuster makers. They are the only producers to have given numerous stars memorable and lucrative blockbusters. Few producers need to study them to learn how grandly movies should be made.

In the movie, my father resembled my brother. I came here as a supporter. I kept my dad in the dark about how much I loved the movie. Despite playing a serious role, ravi teja managed to make us laugh during his scenes. DSP provided the film with some excellent music. In the scenario at the police station, ravi teja speaks. Because he is like a brother to Nanna, you agreed to it. No one has the right to speak on Nanna, except than family members and fans. He is silent. We are unable to picture how it would be if he spoke loudly. He is calm, but we are not. We're not quiet; we're just telling gently.

Ram Charan once said, "I'll put an end to this culture in the future. We shouldn't market collections. It would cause unnecessary rifts between fans." But, with RC on stage, his father started lying and ram charan also agreeing to the bloated numbers and most of the fans said RC should be ashamed for doing this openly after making such a statement!

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