What's up with these unions, brother? - balakrishna asks pawan kalyan this question on the chat show "Unstoppable2." The same has a new promo. Pawan has been directly questioned by Balakrshna regarding the three marriages. pawan kalyan also provided frank and thorough answers to those issues, as the commercial demonstrated. Many people believed that pawan kalyan may have revealed a number of details on his marriages and divorces. However, nothing of the sort has occurred.

Working on this show, BVS ravi claimed that Pawan provided no fascinating responses but managed to get away with a few diplomatic and political ones. "Any famous person typically responds in a way that defends him, but not in any other way. That's just who we are. He is a prominent political person. He is renowned for giving prompt, concise responses to all queries. It's true that balakrishna asked perplexing questions. But Pawan responded to such queries in his own manner ", BVS ravi remarked.

In addition, ravi said that while pawan kalyan was subjected to some difficult questions during the filming, Chandrababu was not. Pawan reportedly refused to be briefed by ravi and his crew and stated that he would respond to any questions in front of the camera.

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