With "Waltair Veerayya" surpassing the impressive 130+ crores box office "share" milestone at a time when everyone believed that routine mass action films would not be successful, megastar chiranjeevi is on cloud nine. After finishing Meher Ramesh's Bhola shankar movie, he is attempting to determine which director is the greatest choice for him with that energy and full zeal which was missing earlier.

Director puri jagan and aspiring filmmaker venky kudumula have screenplays ready for chiranjeevi while others, like VV Vinayak, are itching to work on another remake with him. But after seeing Raviteja's Dhamaka movie a few days ago, the megastar is rumoured to have invited director Trinadha Rao Nakkina for a brief conversation. Rao is eager to create a tale for chiranjeevi at this time because he hasn't decided on a hero yet since his movie with venkatesh was cancelled.

For the time being, chiru is also concentrating on finishing Bhola Shankar, a tamil film Vedalam adaptation starring Tamanna and Keerthy suresh as the lead actor's sister. chiru wants to make one last decision before this movie is finished, and we have to find out which director will be directing his subsequent work.

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