Brandon is an ordinary high schooler with significant issues. He recently lost his job at burger Bang, and he is having academic difficulties. He also looks after his two younger siblings because his mother Janice (Sanaa Lathan) sometimes neglects her responsibilities. brandon frequently utilises his work to get away from the constraints of his routine life. But when the seductive and self-assured Cassidy enters the scene, the pair assumes the role of Bonnie and Clyde and embarks on an increasingly dangerous course toward self-destruction.

An underlying leitmotif in Thembi Banks' dynamic and fearless feature debut can be seen as a recurring pattern at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival. Banks contextualises his examination of Black mental health by using Brandon's experiences. He is being fired from his job when viewers first meet him after a fight with a coworker. The subsequent dream sequence reveals that brandon has problems controlling his fury. Perhaps this is as a result of his heavy workload at home, where he frequently serves as both his mother Janice's parent and a guardian to his younger siblings. In any case, Banks knows that his coping strategies are problematic throughout.

Young. Wild. Free. doesn't waste time providing definitive answers; instead, it makes use of its tension and thrills to keep audiences on the edge of their seats. These extremely intense periods that cause unease and terror are brought on by developing conflicts with Janice's boyfriend (Mike Epps). In these confrontations, Banks effectively uses her directing skills to emphasise how brandon, the head of his household at the time, feels as though he must handle the problems in his family and the outside world on his own.

In the course of her audacious and moving feature debut, Banks offers a joyful journey between two shattered souls who are eager to be free of their responsibilities. The visually appealing movie leads viewers down a path of infectious amusement and offers an exhilarating but tense watching experience. In its closing thirty minutes, Young, Wild, Free delivers a terrible realisation that knocks viewers off their feet. Banks' picture is certain to keep viewers talking all year long because to its original storytelling and unrelenting emotional upheaval. And if this is the director's first, it's simple to eagerly anticipate and embrace anything else she does in the future.

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