To the dismay of Alysia's grandmother, writer Steve abbott (McNairy) relocates to san francisco with his daughter Alysia (Jones; Nessa Dougherty plays the younger version of the character) (Geena Davis). Alysia grew up in the queer world, and Steve is gay. She has been told that her father now has connections with other guys because her mother was the only one he ever loved. As she ages, though, Alysia becomes increasingly torn between friends who frequently make disparaging remarks about homosexual people and a father who doesn't seem particularly eager to be there for her in a meaningful way.

The way Fairyland handles flawed parenting and how it affects a child's relationship with her parents is remarkable. The movie also looks at identity and how growing up and discovering oneself may continue long into adulthood. As Alysia becomes older and understands that her father is an imperfect person who has made his fair share of mistakes, their disagreements increase. The two don't fully come to that knowledge, though, until they start talking to each other more honestly and openly, clearing up any misconceptions about the past and the ways that particular choices affected Alysia's growth and well-being. Fairyland's characterization of both individuals is fundamentally sympathetic.

That being the case, Steve is given a less favourable portrayal. The scope of his story is constrained to what Alysia witnesses and how she might perceive his actions because he is mostly seen through his daughter's eyes. Durham also allows Steve a lot of room for empathy and is not a one-dimensional character. Jones and McNairy are outstanding in their roles as the leads. Through her emotional gaze, Jones skillfully expresses Alysia's annoyance, affection, and hurt. There are many unspoken things, but Jones uses intonation and body language to express the ups and downs of her character's emotions.

The writing highlights her and McNairy's respective performances. McNairy, on the other hand, gives Steve a frantic energy and need. The actor does an excellent job of capturing Steve's problems, bewilderment, grief, admiration, and everything in between. Steve is a bit of an idealist and his attention is frequently scattered. The film's most moving scenes, some of which will undoubtedly cause a tear or two, are not diminished by Fairyland's tendency to drag on for too long and lose some of its pace at various points.

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