It takes courage to screen premieres because a movie's box office will suffer if it receives bad press. The producers of writer Padmabhushan are opting for early premiere screenings in six telugu state locales because they are well aware of this risk. According to promising reports from the premiere screenings in Vijayawada, Bhimavaram, and Guntur, this method appears to be effective for the film. 

We can see writer Padmabhushan with our parents, children, and grandparents, according to the reports. The film will feature a lot of entertaining as well as emotional scenes. Shanmukha Prashanth was the director of the movie starring Suhas. The film, which is scheduled for release on february 3rd, was jointly produced by lahari Films and Chai Bisket Films. The creators set reasonable admission fees for both single-screen and multiplex theatres.

While multiplexes charge Rs 150 for admission, single screens charge Rs 110. The affordable tickets will undoubtedly draw families to the theatres. The premieres of writer Padmabhushan, which will take place on february 2 in 4 theatres in Hyderabad, are currently accepting reservations and we hope this movie might be one of those dark horses which click at the Box Office.

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