Suhas' character Padmabhushan is a librarian. But his goal is to become a prosperous author. His debut book is a failure. When an anonymous writer borrows his identity and image, his life takes an unexpected turn. This helps him become a successful writer and fixes his marriage to sarika (Tina Shilparaj). The issue arises when the unidentified author's writings abruptly come to an end. The truth is revealed to Padmabhushan, who is trying to track down the original author. What is reality? It will be interesting to see how Padmabhushan changes.

Suhas is the ideal candidate for underdog roles. Since he nailed it, he does definitely maintain this reputation in writer Padmabhushan as well. He would make a great Padmabhushan. He handles the emotional situations so effortlessly. He also receives applause when amusing scenarios are presented. As the hero's father, Asish Vidyarthi does well. Asish Vidyarthi is viewed as a very sensitive character, which he did right to, in contrast to his normal performances. rohini once again proves that she is the ideal actress for mother roles. As Padmabhushan's love interest, sarika, Tina Shilparaj does a good job.

The remake rights of this movie is bought by Studio 9 for a whopping price and it is all set to be remade in tamil with a fresh cast.

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