Recently, the announcement trailer for lokesh Kanagaraj's film Leo, directed by Thalapathy Vijay, was launched. The second lokesh and Vijay collaboration after master is stated to be a part of Lokesh's universe following the phenomenal success of Vikram. Leo is the ideal title for a pan-Indian picture, according to the tamil trade analysts. According to them, Leo has excellent title value in the entire indian market. 

They believe that even the audience in the North will be able to understand the title. A huge positive for the movie is that the title is just one word. But it must be remembered that despite having single-word names that were easily comprehended across all of india for Vijay's most recent movies, such as master and Beast, the productions fell flat. Vijay's age prevents him from having the same effect as Prabhas, Allu Arjun, or Yash.

It is true that his appeal is progressively expanding in Telugu-speaking states, but it would be exaggerating to claim that Vijay's Leo will break all previous records in india only because of its name. Vijay's last two movies are dreadful failures and despite the efforts to cover it up, they were labeled as flops.

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