Nandamuri balakrishna frequently finds himself in hot water for making "loose" utterances. He received criticism recently for disparaging venerable performers like sv Ranga Rao and Akkineni Nageshwara Rao. Later, he had to make it clear that he didn't mean to make fun of them. balayya became involved in a controversy yet again. He is currently dealing with the anger of the nursing profession.

In the most recent episode of his chat programme Unstoppable, balakrishna disparaged nurses in offensive ways. He revealed to the visitor pawan kalyan that he had once experienced an injury requiring hospital admission. "I was requested to inform the medical staff that it was not an accident. But after observing the lovely nurse present, I felt compelled to admit that I had an accident, stated Balakrishna. The nursing profession didn't appreciate his use of language.

They protested against him as a result, and now they want an apology. Swachanda Prasad, president of the andhra pradesh Nursing Welfare Association, criticised Balakrishna's remarks and requested an apology. He forewarned that if balakrishna doesn't address the problem, there will be terrible consequences. We need to observe if balayya apologises to the nursing community as the protests become more intense.

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