The box office haul for Shah Rukh Khan's "Pathaan," starring in it, has reached 710 crore rupees, and it continues to draw respectable crowds. But even before it was released, there was a stir over actress deepika Padukone's bikini colour. On social media, #BoycottPathaan was popular for almost a month. The producers decided to cut Deepika's saffron-clad episode after the uproar.

Prakash Raj, an actor who frequently criticises prime minister Narendra Modi and the Hindutva movements, poked fun at them. prakash raj retaliated against the "Boycott Gang" during a debate at the Mathrubhumi international Festival of letters (MBIFL) in 2023. "This Boycott group sought to outlaw "Pathaan." The movie made Rs 700 crore, yet the same gang chose not to see a movie about PM Modi's life and career in theatres. Modi's movie barely made 30 crore rupees.

These cretins (the boycott gang) only bark and do not bite. Only sound pollution is produced by this group, claimed Prakash Raj. Prakash Raj was harsh, and he frequently criticises the BJP, Modi, and Hindutva organizations for unfairly targeting the film industry. He has gone overboard and some of them throw brickbats on social media and he ignores them as usual.

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