This week's telugu premiere of "Vedha," starring kannada star hero Shiv Rajkumar, was preceded by a lavish pre-release celebration on Tuesday. The Rajkumar family's close friend Nandamuri balakrishna attended the event as the chief guest. An AV on the late actor Puneeth Rajkumar, who also happened to be shiva Rajkumar's brother, was played throughout the event. shiva Rajkumar was inconsolable after watching the video. His sobs were uncontrollable.

Balayya attempted to comfort shiva Rajkumar by placing his hands on his shoulder. He made every effort to help him process the death of his sibling. Everyone is crying as a result of the emotive online video of balakrishna comforting shiva Rajkumar. In october 2021, balakrishna also went to Puneeth's funeral. He believed that the tragic passing of Puneeth was his own loss. shiva Rajkumar's 125th movie, Vedha, was initially released in kannada in december 2022. On february 9th, its Telugu-dubbed version will be released in Telugu-speaking states.

Balayya accompanied shiva Rajkumar during the shiva Vedha ceremony. shiva was moved to tears when the crew played a touching video of his late brother Puneeth Rajkumar. He was comforted by balayya, who was sat next to him. Later, the two spoke on stage about their relationship.

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