Rajamouli has become a worldwide sensation. With Mahesh Babu's film, he is making a bigger jump than he did with RRR, which he produced with some American performers. It is well known that the upcoming movie's plot will be similar to that of the international Indiana Jones. It goes without saying that to make this possible, actors and actresses from various countries and languages are needed.

According to insider information, he is currently reportedly seeking to appoint a top hollywood actress to pair with mahesh babu given the level of recognition he gained in the hollywood circuit during the oscar campaign for RRR. Additionally, he plans to employ numerous top hollywood professionals in the fields of CGI and other crafts. mahesh babu is actually this situation's lucky star. He will appear in a movie that has never been made in indian cinema history, which will make many other indian actors envious.

There are rumours that rajamouli recently contacted the "Wednesday" actress Jenna Ortega. rajamouli undoubtedly attempts to make this movie a global product on par with any hollywood production. He might work with a hollywood studio to increase the visibility of an international picture. Let's send rajamouli our best wishes for his project.

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