It's no one's fault, but some actors become categorized and stereotyped as a result of their first movie, and for others, it will be difficult to escape that shell. heroine bhanusri Mehra, who is still referred to be Allu Arjun's Varudu movie heroine, is one such peculiar case. She now wants to erase that memory.

When allu arjun featured in Gunasekhar's Varudu in 2010, the heroine's face was fully concealed during the film's promotion, which raised enormous expectations for both the actress and the film. However, the film's poor box office performance afterward utterly dashed the aspirations of debutante bhanusri Mehra, whose career never really took off. She was only given little roles, and they never helped her career. After working as an actress for almost 13 years, the actress just began a new profession as a YouTuber. She is eager to shed the Varudu girl label.

"Actor turned content creator, attempting to establish that I'm more than just 'THE girl from VARUDU'- a film that's like a distant memory from a past life," wrote bhanusri mehra on her social media profiles while she was just beginning her career as a content creator on YouTube. She asks everyone to subscribe, saying, "I promise my YouTube videos are more entertaining than my film career!" as she started a new profession.

On that topic, we must say that creating viral films or having one of your videos go viral is necessary for success on YouTube; social media requests alone won't cut it. Let's see if the Varudu heroine succeeds or not at this point.

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