In a recent media interview, nani, who will shortly premiere his new movie "Dasara," said something that some people considered contentious. While sukumar is well-known for his work in the pushpa series in one language, the picture was dubbed in four languages, and he is not as well-known in other languages as he is in telugu, he pointed out. Srikanth, the director of "Dasara," is less well known in five different languages, showing the discrepancy.

He responded by implying that sukumar was only known in telugu when he launched pushpa and later became well-known with the success of the movie across india in response to the issue of why nani is trying to achieve pan-India success with a new filmmaker rather than an established one. It would be inaccurate to claim that Sukumar's popularity is restricted to Telugu-speaking audiences. He has a history of making popular Hindi-dubbed movies that have also been seen outside, including rangasthalam and Arya.

Sukumar's name is well-known across numerous languages on websites like YouTube and OTT. It is crucial to recognise that Sukumar's popularity beyond the Telugu-speaking market. Yet, there have been discussions about Nani's seeming overconfidence in his announcements within the industry. Even while it might go in his favour, any errors might draw criticism and unfavourable remarks.

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