Is this a situation for Nayantara's husband..!?

Vignesh Shivan and Nayanthara are the star couples who are flourishing. Even though lady superstar Nayanthara has a special place in tamil cinema, Vignesh fell in love with Nayanthara and surprised many people. However, Nayanthara has talked to many big names and given her an opportunity for her husband Vignesh Shivan. That's how vignesh shivan got the chance to direct Ajith's film. But due to some reasons, ajith has now rejected Vignesh Shivan's story and has given the OK to Magizh Thirumeni.
Recently, vignesh shivan posted on his social media page that success or failure is a lesson taught by shame. After seeing this, the fans are criticizing as this is needed for Nayanthara's husband. vignesh shivan initially worked as an assistant director. After that, he progressed gradually and became a director. He reached this position only after facing hardships. In such a situation, film critics say that posting dialogue on social media for a big actor's withdrawal from the film is a work of sympathy. Everyone will feel sorry for vignesh shivan if this is the case. Many people say that he is doing this with the idea that he will get some film opportunities through this. Hard work always pays off.That is how vignesh shivan has faced many humiliations and reached a height. Even now, if he takes his next film with faith in his talent and hard work, he will surely succeed. But fans are saying that he is doing comedy like this unnecessarily.

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