Das Ka Dhamki, a film directed by Vishwak Sen, was released today in honour of Ugadi. The team took part in the media Q&A session before the release in the interim. "We started Das Ka Dhamki approximately a year ago," stated Vishwak Sen. It feels to me like a goodbye. For me, Dhamki is a very personal movie. I don't make films to make money. I produce movies for a living. I used 3 Cr to create Falaknuma Das. Similar to that, I splurged on Das Ka Dhamki.

Nivetha also offered me a proposal, and as a result, the scope of the film broadened. I'll let you know once the movie is out. We showed the movie to a large audience, and it was well received. Because I am so confident in the movie, I took several risks. This is absolutely certain to alter my life. I thought I could better direct it because of how emotionally intense the second part is."

Now, due to the second half flop talks, most of the netizens troll that Vishwak Sen could have definitely directed it better and some of them say, Too much of anything is good for nothing and Too much of twists have spoiled the entire movie.

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